Menu of Services

De-Stress Massage

Medium to Firm pressure on back, neck and shoulder area and relaxation massage for arms and legs.  Includes: hot stones, aromatherapy. (Not a deep tissue massage) 

60 Min: $65

90 Min: $95

30 Min back + shoulders: $35

Ashiatsu Therapy Blend

For those in need of deeper work and bliss.  A blend of Thai stretches and relaxing Hot Stone and Ashiatsu, which is applied barefoot utilizing as much or as little pressure as needed.  Scalp massage and aromatherapy included.

75 min $85

90 min $105

120 min (Thai herbal compress included) $140

Thai Massage

      This treatment is given on a cushy mat on the floor with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing.      

       Combining stretching with compression on accupressure points, it remedies bad posture, improves flexibility

      and releases emotional stress.      

       $90 Min 


 A nurturing massage for those that need it the most!Relieving the areas that really require attention in  your changing body

                 60 min $85

Massage Medley

 A deep tissue massage using stretching, long strokes and trigger points to soothe the body and focus on   issues on any chronic pain or specific problem areas.

                    60  min $75

                    90 min  $105                                                                         


Skin Care

Refresh Facial

Customized for dry, normal skin or mild issues. Relaxing and renewing!

45 min: $50

Corrective Facial 

Targets issues like acne, hyperpigmentation or devitalized skin by incorporating the appropriate acid (glycolic, lactic, etc.)

60 min: $75

Microderm Facial

45 min: $70

Microderm + Oxygen Facial

60 min: $85 + (Can be combined with a peel)

Shanti Ultimate Facial

A lovely spa facial that includes a deep conditoning hair treatment, tiny pedi and extended neck and shoulders massage 

Honey + Wine Rejuvenating Facial

Turn back the clock with this apple wine peel facial! Includes lip treatment, exfoliation for decollete, arms and hands followed by a honey hydrating serum for a youthful glow.

60 min: $90

Massage + Refresh Facial

                 60, 75 and 90 min:  $70/85/110               


Spa Packages


Wine Poached Pear Stress Reduction:  Melt your troubles away with a brandied pear sugar polish for your back and feet, refresh facial and massage with a red wine body serum.

75 Min: $99

Shangri-La:  Like the mythical ever-happy place, this bundle will bring harmony to your soul. It begins with a massage followed by a customized facial with a steamed milk compress.  Then a warm sparkling oil is gently massaged into your scalp and the Tiny Pedi will bring your feet to bliss.

90 min:  $125

Loving Kindness Meditation:  Escape the daily grind and love yourself with this dreamy package. Enjoy your choice of wrap, back treatment or sugar scrub followed by a moisturizing massage. Your skin's glow is restored with a spa facial and steamed milk compress. A deep conditioning bamboo hair and scalp treatment is applied with a deeply relaxing head massage . Tired soles? A tingling cucumber mint treatment will wake them up...Truly a way to show yourself some kindness!

120 min:  $175