Specialty Facials

Corrective Facial
This treatment features customized acids/enzymes blends as boosters to enhance your desired results. Beneficial for aging, problematic, hyper pigmented and compromised barrier skins.
45 Min/$70
-Series of 3 Package $65 ea

Microdermabrasion Facial
Perfect for rough and dry textures. Allows the input of nutrients from nourishing products into the skin by eliminating buildup and improving circulation.
45 Min/$75
- Series of 3 or 6: $69 ea.

Acne facial
An advanced treatment with extractions, acids and high frequency.  Your skin care plan will be customized to find a balance between preventing breakouts and soothing/ hydrating your skin. 
50 Min/$85
- Series of 3 or 6: $69 ea.

With LED + Algae peel off mask:  $95
- Series of 3 or 6 $89 ea.


Advanced Corrective
Microdermabrasion + resurfacing enzymes/acids (micropeeling) are carefully selected to address your skin specific needs for this results oriented treatment.
Express:  30 Min/$70
- Series of 3 or 6: $65 ea.

Extended Deluxe (includes oxygen infusion and Gold Collagen mask)
50 Min/$85
- Series of 3 or 6: $80 ea.


Herbal Collagen Induction Therapy
THE BEST natural alternative to needle CIT.  Immediate visible results for improved texture and hyperpigmentation.  CASMARA cooling mask included.
50 Min/$105
- Series of 3 or 6: $99 ea.


Corrective Elite
LED technology is incorporated to enhance your micropeeling results.  Powerful serums are infused into the skin with oxygen and sealed with a peel-off algae mask designed to improve product absorption and hydration.  A must try facial !
60 Min/$115   


A gentle yet effective exfoliation for all skin types. The water vortex  technology helps decongest and refine the skin texture while providing deep hydration and circultation improving the look of fine lines to help you look younger.  Includes a scrumptious lip treatment and gold collagen mask
50 Min/$89